Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pinch me!

Woo hoo! Im'm soooe hpaapy rghit nwo taht I cnat evnen tyepe todya!!!! ... see post below. I've found out that I'm one step closer to having my dream come true! Next Tuesday will be the end all and be all of whether or not it will happen for sure! Keep your fingers crossed for me PLEASE!!! But, needless to say, I'm in a great mood!!!! In fact, I'm in such a great mood today that I've decided to give away free beads to three lucky people this month instead of one! To celebrate the beautiful October harvest, each of you have won a set of three "autumn gourd" beads! ...So, uh, I guess I should announce the three lucky ladies!

Congratulations to: Brandi L. of Scarborough, ON.
Janie W. of Orlando FL.

and Lucie R. of Sherbooke, QB!

Thanks again everyone for voting all month long and good luck for the October draw! Gotta run... I have to package up some orders and get to the post office. I'll be back again soon! Thanks for stopping by!


The Dixon Chick said...

Okay - enough with the suspense! What is going on in your life that you are so excited about?

I am not sure if I can wait until TUesday - but I am sending you happy, goodluck vibes anyways!!!

Erin Maloney said...

LOL! Thanks Stephanie! You will just have to wait until Tuesday! I am trying so desperately to NOT get my hopes too high and if I publish it and it doesn't come true ... that would make it so much worse! Check back in 5 days! hee hee

Jay - baby said...

Lol your such a nerd Darlin!

I'm actually liking blog spot... maybe I will start a blog too...?

Erin Maloney said...

Hopefully I'll be a nerd you won't want to deal with soon!