Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I can't decide...

Hey everyone,
I've been noticing that a lot of people have this really cool "blogspot" thing going on these days. I'm thinking about starting to post my blogging babble here instead of directly on my website. Don't worry, I will still have the "blog" section on my site, but it will link here. What do you think?

The cool things about having a blogspot:
1. People can post comments directly pertaining to each post.
2. The entries are archived in such a way that you can easily go back to read older posts.
3. People can subscribe to my blog directly.

The uncool things about having a blogspot:
1. I dunno, perhaps you guys can comment and let me know! Do you like it here? Do you prefer it be directly on my site as before?

I can't decide...


Carrie said...

I like the blogspot here, being able to subscribe to the blog posts. Thanks for sharing Erin.

The Dixon Chick said...

As a blogger myself, I always like reading other people's blogs. It's very easy to update what is going on - as I am sure you know from mine. The only challenge - is trying to write everyday. I have these bursts and then am silent for months. But if you can make the committment - it is fun....especially when people leave comments!

Looks great so far!

Beth Ann said...

Erin, I like the ability to be more interactive on a blog vs a website. I would think it is easier for you to add to also. Glad to hear the show went well last weekend. Look forward to seeing more goodies in your shops.

Tamara Sault said...

Very nice layout! I like the traditional blog style as it is easy to follow up with past posts, watch video clips and view photo slideshows etc. Although your blog on your site is lovely and I always enjoy reading. thanx

M said...

I like blogger, I like that I can email a blog and it's posted right away - if I am away from my computer I can blog from my iTouch or palm Treo or anyone's computer! I also like that I can set up an email list and blogger automatically sends my blog to the list!
Have fun :)