Friday, April 3, 2009

Lazy Dayzee

It's poured rain here for the last two days. The sun seems to have completely disappeared. The sky is fully furnished with gloomy clouds that have a hand in the gloomy mood I'm feeling today.

I've been working on a mish-mash of things over the last couple of days and I can't seem to decide to stick to one particular thing. Make beads in a complete and utter disaster? Clean studio before I make beads? Work on graphic design projects? Stare into space? hmmm... the latter sounds decent.
One of those days I guess...

I will however, share with you the outcome of last weekend's beadFX Beadaholic get-together! We had yummy pizza (and yummy healthy stuff like fruits and veggies too!) Thanks to Jen for all of that! It was a lot of fun! But one of the highlights of the night was our "collaborative beadmaking". One person would sit at the torch and begin making a bead, then pass it along to another to add to it, and pass it to another person and so on... The beads came out rather "unique" I will call them, but the good news is that they are available for sale in beadFX with 100% of the proceeds being donated to a Breast Cancer Awareness charity! (However, they may all be sold as I write this!)

Somehow, my posts are always much wordier than I originally expect ... not that it's a bad thing I suppose. But it brings me to a thought: How many of you are on Twitter? I've had a couple of people ask me about it and even a couple officially "follow" me on Twitter, even though I have never posted. I have to be honest, I signed up for Twitter with a specific group in mind that I was interested in "following" and only ever read other "tweets" as I think they are called? The benefit to Twitter is (going back to my original point about my posts always being much longer than anticipated) is that you can post or "blog" brief little notes here and there. Tweets are short and sweet. I've posted a poll on the right-hand side of my blog here in regards to Twitter'ing ... please let me know what YOU think! (Post a comment too!)

awww well... I think I'll go back to my "staring into space" idea I had earlier. Cheers.

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Glass0Beads said...

Hiya Erin. What if you like both but for separate reasons (your poll). I think Twitter is good to point people's noses in a direction but the blog gives a chance to develop the idea or give info or .... just about anything. I am a chatterbox by nature so the brevity of Twitter makes me really think about what I'm saying. The blog gives me a chance to chatter ~ is it any wonder that one of my blogs is Bauble Babble?
Helen ~ Glass0Beads