Saturday, June 27, 2009


Has it really been nearly TWO months since I last came on here? Oops! Sorry guys. Things have been so unbelievably hectic for me... my fiance and I are in the process of buying our first home! Between appointments with the home builder, the banks, the lawyer, our agent (my ever-so-helpful aunt!) things have just seemed to come together so quickly, yet the paperwork has not come to an end yet! As exciting as it all is.... I WILL be glad when all this stuff is over and then we sit back and watch our home being built! I AM super excited to go to the decor centre and pick out all of our options like hardwood floors, tile, cabinetry, carpet, etc!

With all this, I still have a few custom orders I need to get out... and THEN I will be listing more beads for sale on my blog here! Sheesh... taking photos of beads, pricing, and listing them takes more time than I thought. How long have I been doing this again? You'd think I would know by now, but I always underestimate time.

Speaking of underestimating time... I should get down to the studio to get started on some stuff before my day gets away from me!

Be back soon!

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