Saturday, May 9, 2009

Up for Grabs!

As some of you may know, beadFX is running a "first-come-first-serve" style sale of handmade lampwork beads (mine of which are included) and I personally love the idea, so.... I'll offer some of my beads up for grabs on my own blog!

Below is a list of some of my personal favourites (am I allowed to say that of my own work? yeah!) If you want it, be the first to send me an email at letting me know which one you want by including the assigned code in the subject box. If you want, you can email me directly from my contact page on my website I can send you a PayPal invoice or I also accept Visa and Mastercard. You can include your card info (in two separate emails for your own security!) or I can call you for your card info if you prefer.


First up, a really cool dichroic focal bead with loads of sparkle and depth! Measures 35mm round, 14mm thick. Price = $36.00 Code: focal01 SOLD - Thank you.

#2 - A long, smooth tapered barrel shape focal with a whimsical pattern in a really neat "reactive" glass that brings out lime green, celadon with hints of ivory. The pattern reminds me of abstract dancers, or maybe even the Disney character "Flubber" :) Bead measures 66mm long, 13mm thick in the centre. Price = $32.00 Code: focal02

#3 - A soft and feminine floral focal bead with raised purple and coral-coloured flowers, complete with wispy whirling vines on the base of the bead. Measures 43mm along the hole, 15mm wide. Price = $32.00 Code: focal03 SOLD - Thank you.

#4 - A bright and bold floral focal, chartreuse yellow/lime and dark teal. Complete with authentic cubic zirconias hiding in a couple of the flowers! Measures 51mm along the hole, 15mm thick. Price = $32.00 Code: focal04
SOLD - Thank you.

#5 - A sunny set of three spherical beads, shaped completely by hand. I call these ones "Fiesta" :) Measure 16mm round. Set of 3. Price = $27.00 Code: set05

#6 - A set of two spherical beads, shaped completely by hand. An antiqued ivory/caramel base with flashy ribbons of metallic silver/teal. A perfect combo of ancient and modern! Measure 16mm round. Set of 2. Price = $18.00 Code: set06

That's all for now, more later! I'll mark each item with "SOLD" as soon as possible after receiving the email.

Please note that shipping is extra, depending upon your location.

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