Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some surprising news (unfortunately).

I was planning on just skipping over the fact that I haven't posted in a month and a half, on my next post... but instead I shall address the obvious...  I've been completely immersed in other things non-beady lately, entirely absorbed in my upcoming move (in less than 3 weeks! eeek!) We're sooo excited but so overwhelmed with all that there is to do when buying a first home!

I spent a long time away from the torch and concentrated on other things, and only recently was able to get back on it a bit... in desperate need of creating stock for the upcoming Canadian Bead Oasis show March 12 - 14 in Toronto. 

I am also sad to say that this may be my last show for quite some time.... as I've mentioned, other aspects of my life are going to be getting in my way with no studio in my new home for the time being as well as time-frame issues that will come up regarding time away from my "real" job.  :(  I HOPE that I will be able to continue at least a few shows a year, perhaps only one Oasis per year instead of the two, one TBS show instead of two, etc...  who knows, we'll have to wait and see I guess.  BUT let's hope I'm wrong.

I will still try my best to do custom orders, however the completion time frame will have to be extended on most orders as it's not going to be as easy as walking downstairs to my studio now. 

Sorry to leave you with what some of you may see as shocking news, but I just want to be honest. 

Wish me luck!  Hope to see you all soon!  Come on out to the Oasis (details on my website) for your last chance to buy some of my beads in person (until further notice hopefully).

Take care.

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Anonymous said...

I've been without a studio since October (construction - UGH!) I feel like I'll never make another bead :( but this will pass and soon I'll have my clean and pretty studio back again - so I feel for you - with a new home you'll have so much to do and focus on - enjoy it and the torch will be ready when you are! (I keep telling myself that - although on a bad day I think I should just sell it all and be done with it - luckily there aren't too many bad days! LOL) Good Luck, have fun! and post about your new adventures maybe :) I'd love to read about 'em!